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The Threely Experience

Threely Wallet runs on Protocol Threely and is available on all your devices. Threely Wallet lets you create and manage all your blockchain assets from one app. Learn more about how Project Threely synergizes with Threely Wallet.

Fintech for Everyone.

Easy access to top-notch features makes using Threely Wallet as same as your regular fiat wallets! Fintech doesn't feel new anymore! What you see here is Crypto Blocks - an ETF/Mutual fund type scheme letting not-so-crypto-friendly users invest easily without any hassle. Threely is way smarter than traditional wallets.

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Top Notch Facilities

Threely is designed such way, it can perform features never seen in the blockchain industry.

Request and Schedule Payments

Sub-addressing System

Multi-Send Payments

Track Transactions & Generate Reports

Multi Currency

Authorization features

Lock & Unlock on demand

Sync Wallet across devices

Built-in Crypto Blocks

Find Nearby Merchants & Peers

Exchange & Atomic Swap

Threely Wallet is currently not open to the public. Head to Project Threely for API and business Inquiries.